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Complementing our High-Quality Knife Grinding & Resharpening Services Plus, our Industry Leading Lineup of Vendors & Supplies. Precision Profiles by Pogue also offers the following services for your European made Grinders, Tool Measuring Stands and Moulders. If you see a Service that you are interested in and would like to know more about, please click on the desired Service Item, for a general description of what we offer in this area. Then click on “CONTACT US”, to send an Email or acquire a phone number to speak with Shawn Pogue to discuss further details about your needs and of course pricing and timing. Keep in mind the availability of some of these services will be dependent on the condition of your equipment. Thank you,

At OUR Facility

<Creating / Grinding / Resharpening
Here at Precision Profiles we use high quality HSS and industry leading carbides for corrugated knives. We offer a turn-key tooling service That can begin with our PPP-Estimating tool on the Home Page. With this you can create a quick reference as to the physical cost of the knives required for your upcoming jobs. Plus, you can do this on your time table, you do not have to call and ask for a quote, this estimator will generate a “contact me”, estimate number and we will reach out to you to get the rest of the information. We can do your custom CAD drawing or you may choose one of hundreds of stock profiles. If you like a profile offered from another vendor like us, that's fine too. As we are partnered with folks who have even more profiles than ourselves and can use their profiles without fear of reprisal.
We offer many forms of consulting. You may choose for Us to go into a facility where you are thinking about purchasing a used piece of equipment and have Us give it a full evaluation not just on the asking price but, on the price for parts to bring it up to Par for your expected needs. Another form could be coming into your own facility to evaluate the cost of refurbishing a machine vs the cost of a replacement machine or even the resale value on the current machine. Another for of consulting and the most popular that we offer is consulting with your Production Team. We do this as a “retainer” type situation. We send you a signed form with an agreed amount (generally $600 for 10 hours) of support your team will get through calls, texts, emails, teams or Zoom meetings etc…. On any production topics from CAD drawing & layout to why am I getting chip dents in the finish product, and everything in between. At the end of the used up time, together we will make the decision of whether to do this another round or set up a time to have us come into your facility and work with your team and equipment directly.
<Reconditioning / Rebuilding of your smaller machinery
We have a small facility where we can unload a measuring stand or a grinder and strip the machine down to it's castings or Base and start from the ground up on bringing this unit back up to spec or at least up to the amount of money you would choose to put into parts to get it right again. Or you may just need it to make straight knives as a second grinder. With this service, I would only be charging labor or what is referred to as “Shop Hours”. All parts would be purchased buy the customer and either delivered to my shop or I could possibly pick them up from the MFG. However , all that would be worked out before shipping the machine to Us.
<Rough Grinding for High Speed Applications
This service is offered to “The Big Guys” that are running at faster feed rates using Multiple knives in one tool body to achieve the higher feed rates. Using this service allows your grinding room to use this time for other more important time such as resharpening existing tooling. We would cut the steel to length, pre-hog at your desired back clearance grinding angle, WITH side clearance angles as well, then do a roughing pass with a CBN to equate all knives then pull the knives for balancing. Then we will dip the knives in protective coating for shipping. By doing the last pass with a CBN wheel, this will allow you to pull the knives from the coating, clean off all the oil and load them right into your head on the measuring stand to align the knives perfectly. Again, freeing up more time in the tool room as you should only have to make a pass or 2 with your CBN wheel to get the knives equated and ready for the finish grind and into production. Now, there are other companies out there that will offer the same thing but call the knives “Jetted”. Yes, they will do the same thing as we do ALMOST…. Their knives are nowhere near finished, nor balanced and nor do they have the side clearances in the knives. So, with that said you will still have to put on your vitrified wheel and grind heavily in order to get rid of all the rough steel cuts on the “Jetted” back clearance angle of the knives. Then place your CBN wheel on the grinder, Equate the grind on ALL knives @ desired roughing & side angles then pull knives and balance. Reposition knives in all pockets, grind again @ desired back angle, equate knives once again and then finally, finish them for production.
<High Quality EDM Metal Templates
These templates are suggested for the same "High Speed Guys" OR a company that runs the same thing on a monthly basis or more often. For instance a standard WM-49 crown mould. You may only run it once per month @ 1000 or less however, it may be in many different species that can be abrasive to the knives. Benefits of an EDM metal template is that there is NO give in the metal. This is super important for the high speed guys as their knives in the entire head MUST come out of the tool room under ½ of a thousands of an inch. A plastic template (just like we make) can “give” .004” under aggressive grinding. So, for the non-Jointed folks, the steel template is more of a consistency thing from run to run over a long period of time running the same profile(s).
<Expedited Services
This service allows you to move your production requirements OUR schedule board for faster shipping and or delivery. We can also deliver if time is of the essence within a certain mileage range from PPP. And it goes without saying there is a Heavy cost involved for these services however, there are times when this is necessary.
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In YOUR Facility

<Basic Machine Tune-up
This service offers, leveling machine, assess all functions of the machine and evaluate operational capabilities per original specs and/or per customers' expectations or requirements. Fix, repair and calibrate what can be accomplished in the time allotted for this service. Make recommendations for replacement parts or items still in need of repair. Also, additional suggestions on tools and other items to improve your process and the functionality of your machinery. (2 Day Visit)
<Total Machine Recommissioning
This service offer the same as if I were to be installing this machine for you either from a move across the shop or into another building. Starting from the leveling pads and finishing with lighting and sound enclosure. Qualifying, adjusting, improving or repairing all movements and functionality of the machine and much more. Followed up with a full calibration and of course leaving the machine in better shape than when I arrived. Again, making a list for you as to items still needing parts & repairs along with suggestions on parts or tools to help your team be more efficient while operating the equipment. (up to 5 Day visit Per Machine)
<Operator training - Basic
All Training classes would also have a "required", 2 day tune-up in order that I/we know that the equipment is capable of being trained on vs showing up to train your team only to find out that many of the motions or functions of the machine are NOT in working order. This class will have focus on one machine and will be conducted as if the student has never worked on this machine in the past. A 101 class if you will. (4 day visit)
<Operator Training - Advanced
All Training classes would also have a "required", 2 day tune-up in order that I/we know that the equipment is capable of being trained on vs showing up to train your team only to find out many of the motions or functions of the machine are NOT in working order. This class will be operated as if your operator has had at least 8-12 months of operating this piece of equipment. We will treat this class as more of a LAB, where we will teach how to do basic maintenance, basic calibrations and dive into finish issues, cause & effect etc… The difference with this class is that we WILL do the 2 day "Tune-up" together. So that, your Team will have the knowledge of how to keep your equipment running in tip top shape and much more. (5 day visit)
<Operator Training on Multiple machines
All Training classes would also have a "required", 2 day tune-up in order that I/we know that the equipment is capable of being trained on vs showing up to train your team only to find out many of the motions or functions of the machine are NOT in working order. This service will be treated more as an Intermediate class meaning that your Team needs a little refresher on more than just basic functions of the equipment. With this class we will also do the 2 day "tune-up" together. So that, your team will have the knowledge of how to keep your equipment running in tip top shape. This will also let them know when something is beginning to go bad and get the parts on order before they break and cause down time. This class will also go over finish issues on both the grinder & moulder. We will go thru calibration of Grinder, measuring stand and moulder along with much more. (5 Day Visit)
<Machinery Evaluations
This service will allow for 1-Day in your facility to give your machine a solid once-over, to make sure things are operating as they should be. Or to simply investigate which parts need to be replaced or will need to be replaced in the near future. I would look at what parts & tools you have or need to have for function of the machine. I would also make suggestions on parts & tools that would make this machine operate more efficiently. (1 day visit)
<Operator Evaluations
This service would be more of an "observation" visit to see how an operator is doing based on their time on the machine. I would also give some light instruction to see how well they handle themselves with direction. I would also offer them hints and tips to assist their daily activity. This would also be to see how much acceptance or rebuttal I would meet with on doing things the "correct & safe" way. To help you evaluate if you have a cowboy on your hands or a soldier. (1 Day Visit)
<Process Evaluations
This service would look more like a general Walk-thru (with the shop foreman or owner). Simply to observe the flow of the facility. The down time on machinery. The speed of machinery. The capability of the machinery. The available floor space. Alignment of machinery. Looking at what your facility produces and how efficient you are vs maybe increasing your efficiency through processes or even the possibility of selling & purchasing capital equipment. (1-Day Visit)
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